The Issue

When facing homelessness, many parents encounter the problem of having children on their hands with no other choice but to bring them along wherever they go. Not only can this create a large amount of stress while trying to find housing, but their children aren’t getting the support and creativity stimulation they would otherwise receive in an after-school program. With the disappearance of play, which accounts towards decreased school performance and higher rates of obesity, child development is suffering.

Our Mission

To promote HOPE -

Health, Opportunity, Play, Education

- by raising awareness on the lack of funding going towards disadvantaged children, providing the resources necessary for children experiencing homelessness to reach their full potential, freeing up time for parents to get training on job skills and ultimately breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

Our Origin

Before having the idea of creating Kids First Project, our founder, Alisha Zhao, had the privilege of meeting countless children with the capability of achieving their dreams of becoming an artist, teacher, fitness instructor, and even president, yet were not provided with the resources to help them reach their full potential. After spending years volunteering at local homeless shelters and speaking to families experiencing homelessness, she realized the serious lack of affordable and convenient recreational services for disadvantaged children. The need was clear.

With the support of the Hope For Homeless Club that Alisha created at Lincoln High School in 2013 as well as the ANNpower Fellowship and NCAM Youth Ambassadorship, she was given the resources needed to put her ideas into action.